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Iron Age warrior discovered at 'Scandinavia's answer to Sutton Hoo' was buried in a boat ...

The Daily Mail 26 Mar 2021
Excavated feathers from one of the boat graves ... WHAT IS DOWN? ... 'Down' – or soft feathers – in the graves at Valsgärde is the oldest known from Scandinavia and indicates that the two buried men belonged to the top strata of society ... Right ... Was Spain's Bronze Age society ruled by WOMEN?... Ancient Mayan ambassador buried 1,300 years ago created an... .

Life in 2021 and beyond: One architect’s perspective

Sun Star 17 Mar 2021
SOCIETY has been trying to envisage the future for as long as humans existed—the Mayans, Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci, and even Bill Gates ... The collective outcome of just some of his many predictions should recreate cities and societies into safer, healthier, more friendly, ...

Ancient Mayan ambassador buried 1,300 years ago created an alliance between two powerful dynasties that ...

The Daily Mail 17 Mar 2021
Remains of a high-ranking Mayan man who lived 1,300 years ago have been discovered in Mexico and experts have now built up a timeline of his life ... Mayan palace dating back more than 1,000 years found in Mexico. Archaeologists have discovered a large Mayan palace in an ancient city that was likely used by the society's elite more than 1,000 years ago.

The Ultimate Lost and Found: 31 Ancient Forgotten Cities

Interesting Engineering 20 Feb 2021
Current research indicates that Herculaneum was primarily occupied by the very wealthy amongst Roman society ... , aka Lakamha or "Big Water", was a Mayan city-state in Southern Mexico ... It was rediscovered by Europeans in the late 1700's and has since become one of the most studied Mayan sites.18.

Discover the 'hidden worlds' of Maya with Fernbank's new exhibit

The Citizens 14 Feb 2021
It is one of the largest exhibitions of ancient Maya that has ever been displayed in the United States, and Fernbank officials promise it will take “guests on a deep dive into a culture and society that has left us marveling in its awe since discovery of ancient Mayan ruins in Central America in the 1839.”.

The Threat of Climate-Caused Societal Collapse: An Interview With ANU Professor Will Steffen

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 28 Jan 2021
Collapse is usually defined as an uncontrollable downturn in society ... For example, when you look at the collapse of the Mayan Empire in Central America, what you can see is that they dispersed primarily towards the coastal areas and developed new communities and societies.

Chmielowski - Poland's freedom fighter turned artist

The Am-Pol Eagle 25 Nov 2020
Teakettles were used by primitive societies, as were whistles. Among Mayan ruins, archaeologists have discovered 2000-year-old clay pots with multiple whistle spouts ... into the housewares department having duplicated the reaction of Mayan children to their pots that whistled.
photo: Creative Commons
African baroque sacred art, the wooden votives portray miracles through the creation of masks, exhibition in the art museum of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil

Inside the illicit trade in West Africa’s oldest artworks

Mail Guardian South Africa 25 Oct 2020
From around 1500BCE — at the same time that ancient Greece was flourishing, the Mayan civilisation was developing and Egyptian pharaohs were ruthlessly expanding their empire — a highly developed society was spreading across the valley, encompassing an area the size of Portugal.

Ancient Mayan societies built sophisticated water filters using materials used in modern purification systems

The Independent 23 Oct 2020
In the once-bustling city of Tikal — the ruins of which still stand in rainforests in northern Guatemala — the Mayan people ...

Creating a sacred unity of peoples, cultures and nature for the Americas

Korea Times 20 Sep 2020
A terrible blindness seized the souls of those who trampled on the cultures of the Incas, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and those of their brothers and sisters ... And now, the environmental and cultural crisis is so great that we are forced to recognize that a sustainable society must be integrated with nature and that there will be no future otherwise.

How Climate Change May Be Contributing to Our Political Instability

Time 15 Sep 2020
election unlike any in recent memory. When you take a step back, it seems a bit like the fabric of society is fraying ... A range of studies have shown how weather and climatic conditions have led to the collapse of societies, from the decline of the Tang dynasty in China in the 10th century to the decline of the Mayan civilization around 900 A.D ... < .

Four Reasons Civilization Won’t Decline: It Will Collapse

Resilience 10 Aug 2020
Their studies have generated rival explanations of why societies collapse and civilizations die ... Scholars of ancient societies, like Jared Diamond and John Michael Greer, accurately point out that abrupt collapse is a rare historical phenomenon ... Unlike past societies, industrial civilization isn’t Roman, Chinese, Egyptian, Aztec, or Mayan.

Decoded Maya hieroglyphs reveal the name of powerful woman ruler: ‘Lady Yopaat’

The Art Newspaper 23 Jul 2020
Women were not usually the leaders of government in Maya society, notes Octavio Esparza Olguín, from the Center for Mayan Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, although other important cities like Palenque or Naranjo did have female rulers.

VOX POPULI: Doubt cast on use of slave labor by ancient Mayans and Egyptians

Asahi News 09 Jun 2020
But I started questioning my preconceived notions after I read a story in The Asahi Shimbun about the discovery of an ancient Mayan monument in southern Mexico ... It is believed to have been built between 1000 and 800 B.C., which was before the ancient Mayans developed their hierarchical society.

We've just found the largest and oldest Mayan monument yet

New Scientist 04 Jun 2020
The 3000-year-old site of Aguada Fénix is the oldest and largest Mayan monument to be discovered and dates from a time before the society had a powerful ruling class ... .