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Alienated America: Mass Shootings up 1000%

Scheerpost 22 Jun 2022
Original illustration by Mr. Fish — “The Four Horseman”. By Blake Fleetwood / Original to ScheerPost. The frightening epidemic of gun violence in the US has become a commonplace reality ... Advanced societies collapse with bewildering speed. the Mongols, the Greeks, the Romans, the British, the Chinese, the Mayans, the Incas, and the Soviet Communists ... ....

ACLED Regional Overview - Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (2-8 April 2022)

Reliefweb 14 Apr 2022
Meanwhile, members of Mayan Indigenous communities, farmers, students, and other civil society groups protested throughout the week in Guatemala City, Quiché, Chimaltenango, and Alta Verapaz departments against the possible re-election of the incumbent Attorney-general Consuelo Porras.

The law is the law: Ethnic Studies should be taught without religious prayers

Press Telegram 19 Feb 2022
The main claim we raised in the narrowly tailored challenge is whether or not any government entity should expend taxpayer resources to endorse religious activities, including affirmations that give repetitive thanks to six Aztec, Mayan and Yoruba deities in the name of affirmations or energizers.

Decades After Guatemala’s Silent Holocaust, These Indigenous Women Are Fighting to Bring Their Rapists to Justice

Time Magazine 01 Feb 2022
Accused by the ruling elite of aiding leftist guerrilla forces, the country’s Mayan population was subjected to a genocidal campaign during which more than 160,000 were slaughtered ... Sexual violence has been used as a weapon of genocide in wars across the world, , to undermine the social fabric of society.

A Conversation with E.O. Wilson (1929–2021)

Quillette 29 Dec 2021
He was very admirable in the way he just entered the Yanomamö society during a period of great risk and uncertainty ... In my memoir, you’ll see a photograph from the first meeting of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society ... This is one of the real stresses and strains of a democratic society.
photo: Creative Commons
Ancient Maya pyramid, Mexico

Ancient cities had toxic pollution, too

Popular Science 23 Nov 2021
Waters studies records of algal blooms at the bottoms of lakes and other waterways in the Southeast, while his colleague Mark Brenner, a coauthor on the study, studies environmental conditions during the Mayan city-building period ... It was the ideal place to ask whether Mayan urban societies had impacted their water quality.

NY Times’ latest, wrongheaded bid to double down on rewriting US history

New York Post 10 Nov 2021
More On. new york times. Anatomy of a media hit job — Clinton camp planted phony Trump dossier, and press fueled the lies. Gray Lady sings Dem blues. Goodwin. This week in whoppers ... Some people just don’t take correction well ... Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, Chinese, Russians, Koreans, Turks, Arabs and many African societies had slaves ... ... ....

1,000 year old canoe found in pond in Mexico, thought used for rituals

Beijing News 03 Nov 2021
The boat has been tentatively dated as having been built between 830 and 950 AD, towards the end of the Mayan civilization's golden age, when society suffered a major political collapse and the abandonment of cities located around modern-day Central America, leaving ruins of ...

Indigenous youth leader Xiye Bastida invites everyone to share their gifts

GreenBiz 18 Oct 2021
This is an excerpt from "Stone Soup for a Sustainable World. Life-Changing Stories of Young Heroes" by Marianne Larned, available on Amazon and Target. Xiye Bastida is a featured keynote speaker at VERGE 21 ... From her mother's historical studies on Mayan culture and society, she learned to respect her people ... She and her family were forced to flee ... 20.

Search for remains of indigenous children killed in Guatemala massacre blocked by residents

Reuters 29 Sep 2021
GUATEMALA CITY, Sept 28 (Reuters) - Residents of a Mayan community in Guatemala prevented experts on Tuesday from beginning to exhume the remains of more than 100 children believed to have been buried clandestinely in a former military garrison during the country's civil war in the 1980s.

Oklahoma History Center to host Mayan Art Exhibit and Guatemalan Cultural Celebration during Hispanic Heritage Month

The City Sentinel 11 Sep 2021
OKLAHOMA CITY — To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the Oklahoma History Center (OHC) will host a Mayan Art Exhibit featuring original art from four Mayan artists Tuesday through Saturday, September 1418 ... The Mayan Art Exhibit will celebrate the bicentennial of independence for Mexico and Central America, which occurred in September 1821.

She was the Rosa Parks of her day. So why was she in an unmarked ...

Finger Lakes Times 06 Aug 2021
At a ceremony organized by the Altadena Historical Society on Juneteenth, a granite headstone was unveiled at the long-neglected grave ... The historical society embellished her marker with a small hummingbird — inspired by the Mayan belief that they were messengers for the gods — and a saying that Clark both embodied and embraced..

How a forgotten Black activist fueled a California city’s racial reckoning

The Los Angeles Times 30 Jul 2021
Last month, at a ceremony organized by the Altadena Historical Society on Juneteenth, a granite headstone was unveiled at the long-neglected grave ... The historical society embellished her marker with a small hummingbird — inspired by the Mayan belief that they were messengers for the gods — and a saying that Clark both embodied and embraced..

The benefits of steaming: for face, body, hair and mental health

The National 21 Jul 2021
References to steaming can be found in Native American culture, as well as in the ancient Mayan society and, like so many therapies, it was the ancient Greeks and Romans who expanded upon the concept ... Botanicals, oils, clay and minerals were also introduced for medicinal and aromatherapy purposes ... This results in firmer, younger-looking skin.” ... .

Calendars Then and Now

Lakota Country Times 29 Apr 2021
Some American Indian societies and civilizations, such as Aztec, Mayan, Inca and Olmec, did develop universally precise calendars; but Lakotans and the overwhelming majority of other American Indian peoples did not ... One hundred and fifty three years ago, Lakotans and the entire Oceti Sakowin Confederacy were on the cusp of creating such a society.

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